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Spiaggia La Cinta - San Teodoro (OT) GPS_40°47'51.4" - N 9°40'14.0"E​

Tel: +39 3479348691

corsi e lezioni

Hydrofoil course

learn the basics of Hydrofoil that will allow you to fly over water. Price 180 Euro 3h

The course provides the theoretical-practical bases to be able to safely learn the basics of kitefoiling, equipment management, inside and outside the water, water start and navigation.

Kite approach

to give the basics of knowledge and practice of the kite. Price 100 Euro/person

The goal of approaching is to give the basics of knowledge and practice of the kite to go to the lessons in the water; Spend 2/3 hours making a new experience with your girlfriend, children or family ... It is provided with PDF material
Program: Theory, equipment, assembly / disassembly of kite components, practical flying flight with trainer kite, practice of  safety systems, takeoff and landing practice and first flight control.

beginners Individual lessons in the water

Price 70 Euro/h

​Iindividual water lessons of 1h duration, all the equipment included. After the Approach phase we recommend at least 2 lessons in water  to complete the first stage of learning path.
Schedule: body drag in the various gears, board techniques in preparation for water-start , water-start.

Advanced individual lessons

Price 70 Euro 1 h

​we consider the advanced lessons when the student can go up wind, the student must be able to manage the kite independently and under the instructor's control, using transceivers can instruct and correct errors instantly. The lessons include all the necessary equipment, if the student already had one..

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